Wednesday, 13 March 2019

What is invisalign and invisible orthodontics and for whom it is adequate

Invisaling or invisible orthodontics has meant a fundamental change in orthodontic treatments, since they are practically imperceptible since they are transparent and this makes them go unnoticed by other people.

What makes Invisaling, invisible orthodontics the most aesthetic solution for dental alignment.

On the other hand it is a very comfortable solution since it is removable so the patient in specific situations whether aesthetic or practical such as work meetings, tooth brushing or social activities, can take them off.

What is the procedure to wear Invisaling or invisible orthodontics?
At Dental Denche your dentists in Madrid, we made a complete and free preliminary radiographic study to build the prototype of how the dental arches should be, the treatment is detailed.

Two cases are made with anineators inside and that adapt perfectly to the patient's teeth. These aligners will be the ones that will exert the necessary force to gradually bring the teeth to the correct position.

These aligners are made to measure and with thermoplastic material of high resistance medical use.

How many hours a day and how long does invisaling or invisible orthodontic treatment last?

As we commented invisaling or invisible orthodontics is removable but there is an optimal daily time, so that the treatment is effective and this time will be the one that according to the case of each patient will indicate the orthodontic specialist of Dental Denche, dentists in Madrid.

The same will happen with the total time of treatment since each patient a particular problem. The usual is that it lasts between a couple of months and a maximum of two years.

What are the main characteristics of invisaling or invisible orthodontics.
Made to measure: Each mouth is unique, so, the aligners must be customized to the needs of each moment so that its fit is perfect.
Comfortable: It is much more comfortable than other orthodontic treatments. You almost do not notice that they are wearing and do not bother talking.
Transparent: Invisaling or invisible orthodontics are to be transparent are practically imperceptible so they go unnoticed for others.
Effective: the effects of treatment are seen quickly and usually the treatment is shorter than other orthodontic treatments.
Removable: They can be removed at any time especially at mealtime.
Hygienic: this treatment to be removable allows us to perform a proper oral hygiene, since we only remove the splints and perform a normal cleaning.
For what problems is Invisalign or invisible orthodontics right?
Upper teeth overlapped with the lower ones when closing the mouth (overbite).
Crowded teeth.
Interdental spaces too wide.
Cross bite (misaligned dental arches).
Lower front teeth in front of the upper teeth (protrusion).